Hospitality Innovation

A key premise to our work is that no single individual can know everything and equally success is not for the exclusive. Cutting edge knowledge and success should be accessible to all at every level. For this reason our consultancy approach majors on sharing the skills and implementing the systems that will drive efficiency and control in your business. We are not passive in our approach, we like to believe our team offer a structured and well managed experience tailored to your business needs.

With extensive contact with literally thousands of hotels, restaurants and suppliers at all levels and in a variety of markets and locations, we believe that when it comes to rationalising efficiency and the path to success we have the right solutions for you.

Many of our clients don’t always realise that the secret to survival, profitable success and awards isn’t always about new strategies, but exploring ways to improve what you currently do. Technology, insight and experience are key to mobilising your brand and operations performance.

The scope of our work is extensive to create a holistic approach to problem solving and upward development. We target inefficiency, structure process and reduce waste whilst strategising a structure of development for both your staff and your business operationally.

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Gordon Cartwright


Forecasting EBITDA and Net Trading Profit.
Streamlining procedures.
Cost control systems integration.
Refining the quality and delivery of service standards.
Hotel finance control – Departmental Budget Controls.
‘The Hotel Hub’ – Centre of Operations
Departmental Empowerment and Training.
Payroll control systems – departmental efficiency.
Understanding and shaping future TrevPar.

Dynamic Marketing

Gordon CartwrightWe specialise in Social Media training and web connectivity.

Social Media strategies.
Stunning organic photography.
Consistent, perpetual Brand Presence.
Web design to meet the functionality expectations of your target market.
We build pro-active mobile Apps to put your product in the hands of your clients.
E-shot technology and analysis.
Data capture systems.
Guest analysis metrics.
Drive sales and bookings.
Press release management and distribution.
Brand identity and positioning.


Gordon Cartwright

Bespoke Pro Chef Workshops

Bespoke Transitional Training in your establishment.
Taste Academy for Front of House and Kitchen personel.
On-line portals for developing staff knowledge, skills and awareness.
We design and build mobile Apps for large staff communities.
Customer Processes.
Active links with Hospitality Education
Online induction testing with user profile history.
Ongoing online staff testing to consolidate individual staff training plans.
Structured SOP delivery.

Menu Development

Defining an enhanced style and theme to your current market and price point.
Producing an appealing menu to drive revenue and profits.
Manage wastage analysis.
Purchasing controls.
Full recipe and menu skills training.
Seasonal planning efficiency.
Menu tastings with full catalogue and audio/photography feedback.
Driving chef development to achieve consistency of product.

Online Staff Training

Visit our online portal to see how you can quickly and cheaply begin to test your staff on their on-the-job knowledge.


Supply Chain development. Vast experience in working with key suppliers nationally.
Advice on matching suppliers to the correct operation.
Relevant experience in equipment selection and operational design.
Procurement solutions and consolidation.

Talent Options

The Hospitality Careers Network provides an in-house Talent bank of staff and job market awareness.
We work with operators on Joint Venture projects.
We seek out Franchisees.
Staff retention mechanisms


Define your mission statement.
Focus on your vision.
Create a business plan.
Peer set review.
Competitive edge and growth.

Mystery Guest

Sleep Easy is our 750 standard fully fledged bespoke mystery guest programme.
All areas of any Hotel covered from 1 star – 7 Star
Our experienced team include celebrated Hotel Inspectors.
Quality Assessments to national guide standards.

Our rates are competitive because our team work in the industry.

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Gordon Cartwright – Hospitality Innovation