Everything in one place – one version!

You may have dozens of physical files across your business sitting on shelves, some gathering dust. When staff change there maybe version confusion, some files get lost whilst many never get looked at. 

Quite often new colleagues inherit standards verbally, sometimes they’re just urban myths! With Your Hotel Academy everything is in the one place and everything is the latest version without a file or piece of paper in sight. 

Added to this Your Hotel Academy is available across all mobile platforms. The days of being tethered to a networked PC on a S Drive or Intranet are now over.


Multi-lingual access.

You may work with a geo-eclectic work force who do not hold English as their first language. Your team may be made up of 30 different nationalities. Do you have L&D collateral in 30 different languages? No? Just one click allows your team to access their learning and testing in any language.


Clarity of operational dynamics…

Many of the micro functions and processes in Your Academy often take 30 seconds once or twice a day whilst full resource access provides a complete playbook of your operation for your team to develop against. There’s no point a team member attempting a departmental test if they haven’t read the SOP’s, and there is a schedule of actions – such as end of shift handovers – that will be missed if not completed.

All activities are stored in a secure, paperless, cloud based database for a 3 click export.

  1. Want an on screen view of all shift handovers from last Tuesday? – no problem.
  2. Do you want to see return to work reports this week?
  3. Do you want to view all current function sheets and progress to date?
  4. Do you want to see performance scores against housekeeping room checks?
  5. Do you want to see performance notes logged by HOD’s against staff members?
  6. Do you want to see registered training content and who was trained?
  7. Maybe you want to see the maintenance schedule logged this week.
  8. You want to see how your team are scoring on the departmental tests.
  9. Want to see guest complaints from yesterday?
  10. Want to check the latest training videos that have been created?

The list of what you can access is limited only by what you practically wish to measure and manage in line with areas of your business you may feel the need to develop.

Cloud Based Paperless HR & Holiday Management

Your Hotel Academy has a powerful HR module to track your staff. Many hotels already have complex HR systems in place that already do the job. If not, key and core HR forms are easily managed by user profile along with holiday management and restricted departmental leave distribution.