The following case studies demonstrate operational discipline and accountability in key areas of role awareness and full staff engagement, around a focussed, structured format. Whilst each operation organically finds their own focus within the Academy, all operations achieve a greater level of consistency simply because of a heightened learning and developing culture.

A  further key highlight of the Academy is that when staff are fully empowered the guest experience is enriched along with associated up-selling opportunities.

Detailed reporting from within the Academy also promotes detailed controls around which much more informed decisions can be made on both an executive and team basis.

Hotel Group
Registered Senior Team1232
Hits per year100k
Exams taken1000+
Online Reputation Increase.16%
Reduction in churn.20%
5 Star Hotel 1
Registered Senior Team18
Hits per year15k
Purchase Order Management755
Shift Handovers 10k +
HCCAP Entries1460
Performance File Notes436
Function Sheets Managed175
Internal Promotions/Career Path DefinitionStrong
Lost property directory312 photo entries.
Red Star Hotel 2
Registered Senior Team16
Hits per year19k
Purchase Order Management612
Shift Handovers 10k+
HCCAP Entries1250
Performance File Notes512
Exams taken218
Hits on training videos2700
Revenue increase20%
Reduction in churn20%
Logged 'tear down' housekeeping room checks on App.2100
Internal Promotions/Career Path DefinitionStrong