Gordon Cartwright - Testimonials


We take industry feedback really seriously – it keeps our vision in focus and ultimately relevant. We enjoy working with pro-active and passionate people who have contributed to the heritage of our company. Thank you.

“Gordon’s vision, passion and tenacity shows absolutely no bounds. As a role model and an ambassador for catering and hospitality, Gordon’s strive for development and evolution is inspirational not just for the “fresher’s” of our industry but also for the veterans and the elite. As a seasoned and loyal colleague, Gordon is focused and entrepreneurial. It’s always a joy and pleasure to work with one of the very best in our sector.” August 18, 2012
John Badley, Regional Hotel Manager

“I hired Gordon to advise and help market my food photography work. Over the past 12 months or so he has introduced me to some of the biggest names in the industry and raised the profile of my business in the sector.” August 12, 2012
Mark Carr Photography.

“Gordon is truly inspirational and has been a fantastic sounding board. One of his greatest traits is that he actually listens and appreciates what others have to say. He is a true friend and colleague and I consider his integrity, honesty and immense wealth of knowledge of the hospitality industry to be an asset to everyone working with Gordon in the future.” May 9, 2011
Thomas Proxa CEO Unitas Management

“Through his company, Visionary Dining, Gordon held a Taste Academy at The Castle Green Hotel for 12 members of my kitchen and restaurant teams. His expert knowledge and creative ideas enthused and motivated all delegates. Modern thinking for a modern world!” April 24, 2011
Justin Woods 2 Rosette Head Chef

“Both myself and my company at Hilton International Glasgow have benefited greatly from VISIONARY DINING’S Taste Academy and Culinology Training. Gordon has true passion for the hospitality industry and expert knowledge in all the key areas.His training courses have re-ignited our own passion and would recommend to all.”
Derek Donaldson 5 Star Executive Chef

“I worked with Gordon for 10 years. In his role as Area Inspector and Account Manager at AA Hotel Services, Gordon demonstrated unflagging energy, enthusiasm and creativity. He was always commercial and very customer-focused. He has a thorough knowledge of the UK food and restaurant scene.”
Peter Birnie Hotel Consultant (previously AA Chief Hotel Inspector)

“This is a number one great guy …you’ve had a bad day or the worlds going to end , well simply sprinkle some Gordon Cartwright onto your day and you will be on the up. Gordon’s’ ability, skills, view and opinions are big bold but spot on ..enough said”
John Benson Smith Celebrity Chef Consultant

“I worked with Gordon on different projects. What I will always remember is the knowledge Gordon has about food. Gordon can explain exactly what our customers are looking for in a very simple and constructive way. I have met a lot of people in my life but none who communicate the love and passion for food as Gordon does. I hope everyone that reads this will have the chance to meet and listen to him. That way you can understand the message he wants to convey about food in the UK.”
Marcel Korpelshoek Executive Head Chef

“Gordon is one of the hospitality industries most experienced professional’s through his understanding of all areas of the business. He has for many years advised hotels in Britain on their star ratings and also food development. This has resulted in hotels raising their standards reflected in increased customer satisfaction and therefore financial results”
J Peter Murphy Regional Director Macdonald Hotels

“Gordon developed and presented several workshops for Marriott GM’s and Chefs to explore together the key factors leading to a top quality dining experience. His passionate delivery, drawing on his wide industry experience, was highly motivational, educational and a revelation for all involved.”
Mark French. Marriott Global VP Food and Beverage

“Mr Cartwright is not only erudite and well-travelled in the hospitality business, but as a trained chef and member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain, he brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the palate. A professional and trusted source of creative thinking, hospitality and cookery in all the senses. A worthwhile asset to any business and a warm, personable approach
to the tasks at hand.”
Grant Hawthorne Master Chef of Great Britain

“I am very fortunate to have met and worked with Gordon during my cross training as a Hotel and Restaurant Inspector at the AA. Gordon is an inspiring and incredibly hardworking professional with decades of experience in the hospitality and catering industry. I have known Gordon as a passionate, high standards professional and have learnt from him to believe more in our industry and the many talented people who work in it. Gordon has set the example for many of us, and will continue to do so through his work and tireless quest for higher standards, talent scouting, honest approach and business sense. I would love to do some work with Gordon anytime again and/or recommend his services to anyone seeking the support of a class leader in UK and abroad.”
Giuseppina Solinas MIH , Consultant, Hospitality & Tourism Consultancy

“Gordon is a very focused and driven individual, who strives to reach the desired outcome and I recommend him very highly with the work he has done with the college.”
Graeme Hedley, Lakes Hotel School

“I worked with Gordon through his time with the AA, his support and advise helped developed the Hotels i was running at the time with massive % increases in scores and over the years awarding and supporting 5 Rosettes in different hotels. Gordon very detailed approach allows you to see what really needs to be done, but in a way that also allows you to see the net benefit in terms of people, sales and equally results.”
Paul Spencer De Vere Hotel General Manager

“Over the years Gordon as an individual has been an invaluable support. The first port of call in reference to any new initiative or core standard launched into our industry. With an eye for what’s new but more importantly relevant for the future of hospitality, coupled with an all-encompassing ethos of improvement and development; he has been a great help time and time again.”
Glen Fitchew Assistant Food and Beverage Director Macdonald Hotels

“Gordon Cartwright the make it happen man! Gordon can inspire people and organisations and turn aspirations and ideas into reality with ease.”
Mike Mounfield Head of Enterprise, Kendal College