Gordon Cartwright


visionarydining.com Ltd is an active solutions company dedicated to hotel and restaurant development within the UK Hospitality Industry. We operate across a range of establishments and levels, ranging from international icons within the hospitality industry to neighbourhood restaurants. We’re passionate about operational empowerment at every level. We’re so effective at what we do we frequently offered full time roles in senior positions.

Founded in 2010 by Gordon Cartwright, our team of industry professionals and consultants provide cutting edge hotel and restaurant operational consultancy, transformational training, online auditing systems, extensive e-marketing, and educational strategies. Our expertise allows us to to target what your business needs.


With over 20 years experience at the sharp end, our vision, along with those of our associates, provides a relevant and holistic approach to business growth, market retention and profit creation.

We invigorate passion in business, a need to be motivated, and above all else, a genuine sense that anything is possible when a cohesive team is clearly set their challenge.

Whilst most consultants over the potential for change and a raft of options, Gordon Cartwright and his team can deliver root and branch reform supported not only by efficiently led systems, but the training to embed key systems in place. From wide ranging procurement, skills coaching, digital marketing and financial empowerment,  our uncompromising and detailed approach allows for natural business growth you can count on.

See you soon.

Gordon Cartwright