Live Costings

Cost your menu in 5 minutes and know the LIVE GP% on every dish you’re cooking.

In true visionarydining entrepreneurial style we’ve developed, tested and rolled out an extremely cost effective solution to nailing your Kitchen GP in minutes.

We recognise that one of the most cumbersome and time consuming tasks that any head chef undertakes is that of costing menus. It can be a nightmare. Why is it so cumbersome?

  1. Many chefs are spontaneous and don’t always cook to recipes (not good for consistency).
  2. Supplier pricing changes frequently which means dishes and recipes need to be repeatedly costed.
  3. Many chefs aren’t aware of the dynamic nature of suppliers ingredient costs.

Those days are over.

With Live Costings we’ve developed a fool proof system that tells you instantly when dishes have fallen below your GP target and let’s you know when the dish is good to go again.

We know there are some elaborate packages on the market which include ongoing monthly fees of hundreds of pounds. Our system is built and elegantly programmed in Microsoft Excel, can work on any laptop or tablet, and keeps thinks simple but extremely effective.

  1. What is so good about Live Costings?
  2. Allows you to enter recipes for up to 70 dishes.
  3. The Forensic Engine on each dish allows you to cost to 1g
  4. When a dish becomes too expensive, just leave it in place.
  5. Works on a supplier product code system.
  6. Works out not just your GP% on each dish but also your menu.
  7. Takes an unlimited amount of ingredients.
  8. By importing your supplier costs your recipes costs adjust instantly.
  9. Designed in the multi-flexible Microsoft Excel supported by VBA programming.
  10. Cost includes a half day of training.
  11. Full documentation and back up capability.
  12. Auto Ingredient select means you don’t have to write anything other than the dish name.
  13. Add recipe notes and considerations – tricky bits.
  14. Add photography for each dish.

Gordon Cartwright | Live Costings



More importantly, this system is designed for chefs by chefs who know time is short, but what time the chef does have needs to count. The beauty of this system is that you’re likely to recoup the cost in just 1 or two months. Don’t leave your GP to chance.

Get in touch today if you want to bring structure and financial predictability to your kitchen. After all, in addition to your head chef being a artist, he also runs a critical area of your business.

The one off cost of £299 includes:

Live Costings Software

Half day (5 hrs) one and one training with the Chef on site.

Ongoing Support.