Online Testing

The following 10 questions have been designed for Hotel Proprietors and/or GM’s to evaluate their potential requirement for Business Coach assistance with Gordon Cartwright and his team realise that no business is perfect, however we do see quite a few businesses that might be missing a trick, or might be missing significant potential in an area that just needs tweaking. We also recognise that every business is different, with different needs, different dynamics and a vision of the future that varies between consolidation and eye watering growth. We”re flexible too.


Testing staff within hospitality is generally mixed with little continued professional development undertaken at any level. By implementing online testing within your training plan (we can set that up for you too!), not only will your team feel genuinely invested in but it may evry well reduce your recruitment fees and bring employment security to your business.

The test below automatically marks your answers. The closer you score to 100 the better. Anything less than 60 and we believe we could really add something to your business model. Good luck!

The test is anecdotal but it might get you thinking 🙂 An email copy is sent to your log-in email.